Sel fpropagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) of the Fe(TiMo)C masteralloy using ferroalloys


  • J. I. Erauskin Inasmet-Tecnalia
  • A. Sargyan Inasmet-Tecnalia
  • J. L. Arana Escuela Superior Ingenieros, Bilbao



Carbides, SHS, Masteralloys, Ferroalloys, Steel


Titanium monocarbide TiC is very hard, stable both at high and low temperatures and relatively easy to synthesize from its constituent elements by SHS. Nevertheless, it is difficult to use, as alloying element, in the reinforcement of steels manufactured by liquid metallurgy due to its low wettability by molten steel. To achieve this purpose and due to its better wettability, it is more appropriate to use a master alloy formed by the complex carbide (TiMo)C bonded in Fe. The simplest and most economic way to fabricate such a master alloy Fe(TiMo)C is, again, by SHS, with the added advantage that it can be manufactured using the commercial ferroalloys FeTi and FeMo instead of the individual elements Fe, Ti and Mo. In this work, we describe such a process as well as the characteristics of the master alloy obtained.


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Erauskin, J. I., Sargyan, A., & Arana, J. L. (2009). Sel fpropagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) of the Fe(TiMo)C masteralloy using ferroalloys. Revista De Metalurgia, 45(3), 174–180.




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