Aplication of nanoindentation and EBSD techniques in complex microstructures steels.


  • M. A. Altuna CEIT y TECNUN (Universidad de Navarra)
  • I. Gutiérrez CEIT y TECNUN (Universidad de Navarra)




Strengthening of ferrite, Martensite, Nanoindentation, EBSD


In the present work, the mechanical behaviour of ferritic-perlitic and ferritic-martensitic steels has been studied. These microstructures have been obtained with different thermic treatments. For this study, the volumetric fraction of each phase and the ferrite grain size have been quantified by metallography. For mechanical characterization, tensile tests have been carried out and the nanoindentation technique has been used to analize the mechanical behaviour of each phase. The nanohardness of ferrite increases when the ferrite is surraunding by the martensite instead of the pearlite. In order to study the effect of the martensite in the ferrite, the misorientations inside the ferrite grain have been analyzed by the technique EBSD/OIM.


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