Dynamic deformation of high pressure die-cast magnesium alloys


  • N. V. Dudamell IMDEA Materials Institute
  • F. Gálvez ETS Ingenieros de Caminos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • M. T. Pérez-Prado IMDEA Materials Institute




Magnesium, High strain rate, Twinning, AM60, AZ91


The dynamic behavior of the die-cast Mg-6 % Al-0.5 % Mn and Mg-9 % Al-1 % Zn alloys has been investigated in a wide range of temperatures and compared to the quasi-static behavior. It has been found that, at high strain rates, these alloys possess very good energy absorption capacity and that twinning is significantly enhanced. The small variability in the tensile ductility at dynamic rates is attributed to the independence of the adiabatic shear failure mechanism of the porosity distribution.


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