Electrical properties of ternary Bi-Ge-Sb and Al-Cu-Sb alloys





Electrical conductivity, Hardness, Materials testing, Microstructure


Electrical properties of ternary Bi-Ge-Sb and Al-Cu-Sb alloys. This paper presents review of electrical properties of two ternary systems based on Sb, ternary Bi-Ge-Sb and Al-Cu-Sb system. Beside electrical properties in paper are presented microstructures of both systems observed with light optical microscopy. On four samples microstructural analysis was carried out by scanning electron microscopy combined with energy dispersive spectrometry and X-ray powder diffraction technique. Moreover, micro hardness of selected alloys from the ternary Bi-Ge-Sb system was determined using Vickers hardness tests.


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Premovic, M., Minić, D., Kolarevic, M., Manasijevic, D., Živković, D., Djordjevic, A., & Milisavljevic, D. (2017). Electrical properties of ternary Bi-Ge-Sb and Al-Cu-Sb alloys. Revista De Metalurgia, 53(3), e098. https://doi.org/10.3989/revmetalm.098




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