Development of the α phase in a series of Al-Cu-Zn alloys according to their size and mechanical properties generated by increased Al-Cu and aging treatment




Age-hardening, Equilibrium state, Gibbs free energy, Heat treatment, Ternary alloy, Young’s modulus


The α phase of the ternary Al-Cu-Zn alloy in equilibrium state have a specific shape and size, according to their mechanical properties, therefore is possible of according to area and perimeter of the α phase to obtain the hardness of this alloy with an error between 2% to 9% as the ternary alloy approach an equilibrium state. For this we are analyzed and characterized 7 samples belonging to the system Al-Cu-Zn, which had an increase of Cu and Al. Each of these samples had heat treatment with finality to be close and far of equilibrium state. The samples are characterized by DRX, SEM, OM and nanohardness, in order to see the phase change in the samples, we developed a modelling in 3-D in Thermocal© to know the eutectic point. Therefore, the objective of this work was to see the metallographic change and with this to obtain a simple equation to obtain the mechanical properties by a single metallographic.


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Villegas-Cárdenas, J. D., López-Hirata, V., Saucedo-Muñoz, M., Camarillo Villegas, A., & Morales Rodríguez, M. (2018). Development of the α phase in a series of Al-Cu-Zn alloys according to their size and mechanical properties generated by increased Al-Cu and aging treatment. Revista De Metalurgia, 54(3), e126.




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