The effect of precipitation of metastable phases on the thermophysical and mechanical properties of the EN AW-6082 alloy




Aging, Aluminum alloys, EN AW-6082, Heat treatment, Thermal properties


The effect of precipitation of metastable phases on the thermophysical and mechanical properties of the EN AW-6082 alloy was studied in this paper. After solid solution treatment and quenching in ice water samples were subjected to DSC analysis and thermal investigation with the aim to define optimal temperatures for isochronal annealing. Isochronal annealing was conducted at temperatures ranging from 160–330 °C for two annealing times – 30 and 60 minutes. Electrical conductivity, hardness, microhardness and structural properties were investigated during the isochronal aging treatment. Mechanical properties achieved peak values during aging at 230 °C for 30 minutes and at 220 °C for 60 minutes, respectively. Electrical conductivity gradually increased with an increase in aging temperature due to precipitation from the solid solution. Microstructural investigations by SEM-EDS confirmed the existence of precipitated phases and their distribution throughout the investigated samples.


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