Quasi-static and dynamic analysis of single-layer sandwich structures of APM foam spheroid elements in-situ foamed with marble





APMs, Foam, Marble, Porosity, Powder metallurgy, Sandwich Panel


In the present investigation, an experimental design of hybrid structures based on advanced pore morphology (APM) Al foam spheroid elements is studied. The energy absorption capacities of three configura­tions is assessed for both quasi-static and dynamic compressive loads. To this end experimental tests were per­formed by means of a universal testing machine using a 100 kN load cell (accuracy of 0.1%) and a drop weigh tower in a range of impactor masses varying from 2.2 to 23.12 Kg. The three types of samples explored are the following: foam spheroid elements, sandwich panel filled with a single-layer of APM and thin-wall Al hollow structure filled with free-bonded APM. The compressive testing assessment of hybrid structures based on APM Al foam spheroid elements showed excellent improvements on energy absorption capacity against to Al foam conventional structures. This capacity is led by both the bonding agent and friction effects. The foaming agent applied in this study, white marble, is presented as a functional and low-cost alternative to titanium hydride.


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