Production and characterization of AA2014-B4C surface-modificated composite via the squeeze casting technique




Aluminum matrix composites, B4C, Metal matrix composites (MMCs), Squeeze casting, Surface modification


Metal matrix composite (MMCs) materials provide superiority to monolithic materials in various mechanical properties such as tensile, yield, abrasion resistance, impact resistance by adding reinforcements such as B4C, SiC, Al2O3. While liquid metal processes offer an important advantage, such as low-cost production in high volumes, the heterogeneous clustering of reinforcements in the matrix and the formation of porosity in the area between the reinforcement and matrix pose a problem for composite production. The squeeze casting method stands out in composite production due to its low cost, suitability for mass production, allowing high reinforcement ratio, and ease of homogeneous distribution of reinforcements. In this study, a composite layer reinforced with B4C was produced with a thickness of 1 and 2 mm on a substrate of aluminum 2014 wrought alloy using the squeeze casting method. The mechanical properties of the composite materials produced were characterized via tensile, wear, impact, and hardness tests, and were examined with the help of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). It has been observed that the composite region contains 50 vol.% of B4C reinforcement and the particles of reinforcement were homogeneously distributed into the matrix. All results of the tests mentioned above are better than those obtained in the monolithic 2014 aluminum alloy.


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