Finite element analysis of the springback behavior after V bending process of sheet materials obtained by Differential Speed Rolling (DSR) method




Asymmetric rolling, Bending, Differential speed rolling, Severe plastic deformation, Springback


The Differential Speed Rolling (DSR) process is a severe plastic deformation method used in the production of microstructured materials with both high deformation and superior mechanical properties. This study has focused on determining the springback behavior and formability of the materials obtained by using the DSR method after the V bending process. Rolling processes were carried out at 4 different rolling speed ratios (1.0, 1.33, 1.66, and 2.0), 25% thickness reduction ratio, and 2 different rolling temperatures (room temperature and 580 °C). Then, the rolled sheet materials were bent using 3 different bending die angles (60°, 90°, 120°). As a result of this study, the greatest plastic deformation was reached at a speed ratio of 2.0 at 580 °C. Again, the lowest springback was obtained at 580 °C. As the die angle increased, the springback decreased. Springback has occurred in the bending process of all sheet materials obtained by rolling. In the bending process of the unrolled sheet material, both spring-forward and springback events were observed depending on the die angle.


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