Weldability of ductile cast iron using AISI-316L stainless steel ER rod





AISI-316L, Annealing, Cast iron, Corrosion, Preheat, Weldability


This paper analyzes the corrosion resistance and the mechanical and microstructural properties of a welded joint of ductile cast iron using AISI316L stainless steel as filler material and three different heat treatments: preheating at 250 and 450 ºC and a post-weld annealing treatment. The results show the presence of ledeburite at the interface between the weld bead and the heat affected zone and at the root pass, along with a loss of strength and ductility when the welding coupons are preheated. An annealing does not eliminate the presence of ledeburite and leads to a massive precipitation of chromium carbides at the areas of the weld bead where dilution is higher. Corrosion rate was lower for the annealed coupon, but in that case, the corrosion of the weld bead increases due to the precipitation of chromium carbides.


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