Study of degradation processes of metals used in some artworks from the cultural heritage of Andalusia, Spain


  • A. Duran Materials Science Institute of Seville. CSIC-University of Seville - Centre de Recherche et des Restauration des Musées de France-CNRS
  • L. K. Herrera Materials Science Institute of Seville. CSIC-University of Seville
  • M. C. Jiménez de Haro Materials Science Institute of Seville. CSIC-University of Seville
  • J. L. Pérez-Rodríguez Materials Science Institute of Seville. CSIC-University of Seville
  • A. Justo Materials Science Institute of Seville. CSIC-University of Seville



Degradation processes, Lead, Bronze, Iron, Tin-mercury amalgam


The study of the alteration processes of metals, such as lead, bronze, iron and tin-mercury alloys, used in some of the most important chosen artefacts of Andalusian Cultural Heritage is the main objective of this paper. Hydrocerussite and cerussite were detected in lead seals stored in a hole of cardboard. Bronze is altered to atacamite by environmental contamination, which is also responsible for the formation of rust from iron. Corrosion of the tin-mercury surface of amalgam mirrors produces tin monoxide and tin dioxide and releases liquid mercury from the solid phase.


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Duran, A., Herrera, L. K., Jiménez de Haro, M. C., Pérez-Rodríguez, J. L., & Justo, A. (2009). Study of degradation processes of metals used in some artworks from the cultural heritage of Andalusia, Spain. Revista De Metalurgia, 45(4), 277–286.




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