The liquid-liquid contact stage operating in cross current


  • J. L. Otero de la Gándara Dpto. de Ingeniería Química. Facultad de Ciencias Químicas. Universidad Complutense de Madridº



Stage, Liquid-liquid extraction, Cross current


A new type of the liquid-liquid contact stage is described. The phase flow is performed by splitting of the organic phase into several currents with no splitting aqueous phase. The water phase is driven through ascending and descending conducts arranged in zig-zag paths and connected in serie. Each splitted flow of organic phase is fed at the bottom of the conducts where the aqueous phase rises. The transfer of the matter between phases take place within these conducts improved by means of a conventional packing. The coalescence of the organic phase occurs at the top of the conducts. The stage yields a concentration change larger that a theoretical conventional stage. The new type of contact stage points out an important reduction of power and a low hold-up of organic phase when is compared to a conventional mixer-settler.


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Otero de la Gándara, J. L. (1995). The liquid-liquid contact stage operating in cross current. Revista De Metalurgia, 31(2), 106–110.



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