Mechanical characterization of Ti-Nb alloys by ball on three balls test


  • E. Benavente-Martínez Departamento de Metalurgia Física, CENIM, CSIC
  • F. Devesa Instituto de Tecnología de Materiales, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • V. Amigó Instituto de Tecnología de Materiales, Universitat Politècnica de València



Powder metallurgy, Ti-Nb, Ball on three balls test, Young’s modulus, β-Ti alloys


Nowadays titanium and titanium alloys are increasingly being used in the industry. Particularly β-Ti alloys that stand out for having great strength properties and low elastic modulus compared to Ti c.p. or Ti-6Al-4V. Among Ti alloys, Ti-Nb alloys with high contents of alloying elements are widely used. In this work Ti-Nb alloys have been obtained using conventional powdermetallurgy. It has been studied the evolution of properties of these alloys as a function of the percentage of niobium. It can be noted the ball on three balls test used in order to characterize the samples.


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Benavente-Martínez, E., Devesa, F., & Amigó, V. (2010). Mechanical characterization of Ti-Nb alloys by ball on three balls test. Revista De Metalurgia, 46(Extra), 19–25.




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