Threshold stress for creep in a magnesium based material processed by powder metallurgy


  • J. A. del Valle Departamento de Metalurgia Física, CENIM, CSICDepartamento de Metalurgia Física, CENIM, CSIC
  • O. A. Ruano Departamento de Metalurgia Física, CENIM, CSIC



Creep, Threshold stress, Composite, Magnesium, Powder metallurgy


The presence of a threshold stress in the fine grained magnesium alloy AZ31 containing different amounts of particles and processed by powder metallurgy methods has been investigated. Grain boundary sliding has been observed to be the controlling mechanism in a wide range of strain rates and temperatures. The drastic reduction in strain rate with a small decrease in stress suggests the presence of a threshold stress. This threshold stress is independent of temperature. This paper provides an analysis of the threshold stress and its dependence on the structural and mechanical parameters.


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del Valle, J. A., & Ruano, O. A. (2010). Threshold stress for creep in a magnesium based material processed by powder metallurgy. Revista De Metalurgia, 46(Extra), 78–84.




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