New strategy for the optimal design and manufacture of high performance milling heads


  • A. Bustillo Nicolas Correa S.A.
  • L. M. Plaza Inasmet-Tecnalia
  • M. Rodríguez Fatronik-Tecnalia



Milling head, Design, Finite element method (FEM), Aluminium foundry, Stainless steel inserts


High-performance mechanical-transmission heads are one of the most complex, costly and problematic parts of a milling machine, owing to the large amount of piping required for transporting fluids and to the high level of mechanical performance that is required from them. This study proposes a strategy for optimising the design and manufacture of head bodies by using aluminium alloys and by integrating tubular stainless steel inserts in the casting of the head. These tubular inserts that are integrated into the aluminium mass are an alternative to cooling conduits currently made by machine drilling. As demonstrated in the experimental validation of the first prototype, the new method has created a design that retains the same mechanical performance, increases its reliability and reduces the weight of the milling machine’s moving parts.


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