Macro-Mechanical behavior of unique surface welded joints (AA5083) utilizing tungsten inert gas welding against single-stage homogenization annealing




AA5083 alloys, Homogenization, Mechanical behavior, Surface weld, Tungsten inert gas welding


Surface welded joints are considered an advance and innovative strategy to achieve acceptable strength without consuming much energy on specimen preparation. Two surfaces of AA5083 plates were welded from four sides using the same filler material to prepare specimens. In the surface joint analysis, up to 2-2.2 mm fusion depth was achieved on each side, though the central portion remained characteristically unfused. After joining, homogenization annealing has been performed at 275 °C and 325 °C to hold the specimens for 3 h, which increased the joint performance up to 57.6%. The optical micrographs of fused zones have outlined the alternative-combine visibility of Al6(Mn,Fe) and Mg2Si in analysis with the increase in annealing temperature from 275 °C to 325 °C. Observations from fracture surface characteristics include completely fused zone (CFZ) and base material-fused zone (BMFZ) interface boundary, which in combination defined the whole mechanism of fracture.


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