Comparative study of the behaviour of several reinforcement materials in titanium matrix produced by Rapid Sinter Pressing Manufacturing




Microstructure, Rapid sinter pressing, Titanium composites, Tribological behaviour, XRD analysis


Regarding titanium matrix composites (TMCs), their properties strongly depend on the reinforcement material employed for their manufacturing; this may lead to a multitude of investigations on TMCs. Considering the diverse typology of the reinforcement, six types of ceramic particles were tested in this investigation: B4C, SiB6, TiB2, TiC, TiN, and BN. In order to compare their behaviour and their own influence on the properties of the TMCs, the same ratio was employed in the starting materials, 30% volume. Among the techniques for developing TMCs, a significant number of authors propose Powder Metallurgy as a favourable route. In this framework, the novel Rapid Sinter Pressing technique was employed to perform the present study, due to its flexibility, repeatability, and reproducibility, as well as short-run cycle times. The processing temperature (930 °C) was set with the intention of evaluating how the reinforcements behave differently depending on their reactivity with the Ti matrix. In this regard, the main objective of the research was to carry out a comparison on the behaviour of seven TMCs fabricated with similar operational parameters via RSP.


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