Combustion of waste oils simulating their injection in blast furnace tuyeres


  • A. Cores Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas (CENIM-CSIC).
  • S. Ferreira Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas (CENIM-CSIC).
  • A. Isidro Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas (CENIM-CSIC).
  • M. Muñiz ARCELOR Corporación Siderúrgica



Blast furnace, Waste oils, Waste oils combustion, Waste oils injection


A study has been made of the combustion of different waste oils produced in an iron and steel works. Combustion is achieved by injecting the waste oil at flows of 10-20 kg/h in a combustion chamber that simulates the conditions of the blast furnace tuyere zone. The waste oil is preheated to 65-90 °C in order to achieve conditions of fluidity and is injected by spraying into the combustion chamber. During combustion the temperatures and the CO2, O2, CO N2 and H2 contents of the gases in the combustion chamber are constantly recorded. The efficiency of the combustion of each waste oil is determined.


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Cores, A., Ferreira, S., Isidro, A., & Muñiz, M. (2009). Combustion of waste oils simulating their injection in blast furnace tuyeres. Revista De Metalurgia, 45(2), 100–113.




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