Uses of the potassium permanganate to eliminate copper cyanide from waste water resulting from a lixiviation plant in a gold mine (I)


  • J. P. Sancho E.T.S.I.M.O
  • B. Fernández E.T.S.I.M.O
  • J. Ayala E.T.S.I.M.O
  • M. P. García E.T.S.I.M.O
  • A. Lavandeira Río Narcea Gold Mines, s.a.



Cyanide, Hydrometallurgy, Gold, Potassium permanganate, Copper cyanide


The use of cyanide in the hydrometallurgical and chemical industries has led to the emergence of a major environmental problem due to its high toxicity. The wastewater generated at these plants is hazardous to the environment and therefore must be managed properly. For this purpose, they undergo detoxification processes after lodes from the plant are accumulated in waste-resistant containment ponds that mast be waterproof to prevent environmental disasters from leakages or massive flood. This work shows the results obtained in laboratory tests carried out with plant waters and demonstrates the efficacy of potassium permanganate as an oxidant of cyanide wastewater from a gold hydrometallurgical plant. In the process the destruction of the copper cyanide complexes in solution is achieved and copper metal ions are eliminated through precipitation mostly as hydroxide.


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