Electrodialytic separation of Cu(II) and As(V) in acidic electrolytes


  • J. P. Ibáñez Departamento de Ingeniería Metalúrgica, Universidad Arturo Prat
  • J. Ipinza Departamento de Ingeniería Metalúrgica, Universidad Arturo Prat
  • L. Cifuentes Departamento de Ingeniería de Minas, Universidad de Chile




Electrodialysis, Separation, Copper, Arsenic, Acidic electrolyte, Speciation, Transport rate


The separation of copper and arsenic from acidic electrolytes by electrodialysis was investigated at room temperature. The effect of current density and pH was studied in a batch cell during 3 hours. The kinetic parameters showed that Cu(II) transport rate was 0.75 mol/m2/h and the As(V) transport rate was 0.002 mol/m2/h. An efficient separation between Cu(II) and As(V) was achieved; generating a concentrated solution of copper with no arsenic, which was obtained independently of the electrolyte acidity and current density used. The effect of the arsenic speciation with pH is discussed as well.


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Ibáñez, J. P., Ipinza, J., & Cifuentes, L. (2007). Electrodialytic separation of Cu(II) and As(V) in acidic electrolytes. Revista De Metalurgia, 43(1), 5–10. https://doi.org/10.3989/revmetalm.2007.v43.i1.45




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