Corrosion behaviour of 8090 alloy in saline solution with moderate aggressiveness


  • A. Conde University College London. Chemistry Dept.
  • J. J. Damborenea Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas, CENIM (CSIC)



Corrosion, Al-Li alloys, Electrochemical impedance


Corrosion studies of Al-Li alloys are not so extensive and concentrate almost exclusively on atmospheric exposure tests and accelerated laboratory tests due to the fact they provide a reasonable approximation to the real behaviour of the alloy in service conditions. This paper attempts to establish a correlation between the evolution of the impedance diagrams and the process of the attack undergone by a commercial 8090 T8171 alloy, with the aim of establishing the kinetics of the corrosion process. After 100 h of immersion, samples showed only a slight intergranular attack. As a result of the low aggressiveness of the solution no major deviations from the ideal behaviour described by the Randles circuit are expected in the impedance plots. After 50 hours of testing, the impedance diagram evolves towards two semicircles which seem to be related with the charge transfer and ionic migration through the oxide layer and the adsorption of electrolytre anions.


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Conde, A., & Damborenea, J. J. (1998). Corrosion behaviour of 8090 alloy in saline solution with moderate aggressiveness. Revista De Metalurgia, 34(Extra), 75–78.




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