Graphene Nano platelets reinforced a composite fabricated through Ultra-High frequency induction sintering




Aluminium metal matrix composites (MMCs), Graphene NanoPlatelets (GNP), Mechanical properties, Sintering, UHFIHS


In this work, Graphene NanoPlatelets (GNP)/Aluminum (Al) composites reinforced from 0 wt% to 2.0 wt% GNP were studied. All different composition powders were stirred for 2 h at a speed of 35 rpm in a V-type mixer to obtain a homogeneous dispersion. Then the compositions were synthesized by ultra-high frequency induction heated sintering (UHFIHS) at processing conditions of 620 °C for 5 min and 40 MPa pressure under vacuum environment. The density, surface roughness, weight loss and Vickers hardness of the nanocomposites were evaluated. SEM, EDX and XRD analyses were performed and the obtained results were examined. The effect of the Graphene addition in an aluminium was evaluated and the optimum contribution of 0.8 percentage by weight GNP was determined.


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