Development of industry processes simulators. Part II (Continuous casting)


  • A. Ramírez nstituto Politécnico Nacional (SEPI-ESIME-UPT-IPN)
  • A. Mosqueda Instituto Politécnico Nacional (SEPI-ESIME-UPT-IPN)
  • V. Sauce Instituto Politécnico Nacional (SEPI-ESIME-UPT-IPN)
  • R. Morales Instituto Politécnico Nacional (SEPI-ESIQIE-UPALM-IPN)
  • A. Ramos Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia Michoacán
  • G. Solorio Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo



Continuous casting, Thermal behavior, Cooling conditions, Simulation


The understanding of steel thermal behavior is very important in order to take care the quality of the products like billets and slabs due to these; this work shows the join of a subroutine to simulate the heat transfer conditions during the continuous casting process to the model for simulating the process described by the present authors in a previous work[1]; the result is the temperature profiles and surface temperature graphics of the steel, then they are compared with data carried out of real operating conditions.


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Ramírez, A., Mosqueda, A., Sauce, V., Morales, R., Ramos, A., & Solorio, G. (2006). Development of industry processes simulators. Part II (Continuous casting). Revista De Metalurgia, 42(3), 209–215.