Micro/nanostructured coatings of light alloys by cold spray for surface protection and repair of high value-added components: State of the art


  • J. Bedoya Centre de Projecció Tèrmica (CTP). Universitat de Barcelona
  • N. Cinca Centre de Projecció Tèrmica (CTP). Universitat de Barcelona
  • J. M. Guilemany Centre de Projecció Tèrmica (CTP). Universitat de Barcelona




Cold Gas Spray (CGS), Light alloys, Weld overlay, Brazing, Coatings


The Cold Gas Spray - CGS technique has greatly attracted the attention of the researchers in the last decade due to advantages compared to other conventional thermal spray processes. It presents outstanding characteristics such as high density coatings and absence of thermal degradation (oxidation or phase transformation). In addition, CGS is an efficient and green technology. This paper presents a bibliographic review related to micro/nanostructured aluminium-based coatings of by CGS on light alloy substrates. It provides an overview of the feasibility of using the Cold Gas Spray as a technique for the protection, recovery and repair of high value-added components, especially those made of light alloys (aluminium and magnesium base) which, by their low density and mechanical properties, are widely used in several industrial sectors such as transport, aerospace and power generation.


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